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本文摘要:two months after Amazon released the Fire phone,it ' s fair to call the device a dis appointment。


two months after Amazon released the Fire phone,it ' s fair to call the device a dis appointment。在亚马逊销售fire手机两个月后,Amazon ' s Customers gave the Smart Phone A Lackluster Rating of 2.6 out of 5 Stars . reviewers Called the device " forge ttable "在剩下的5颗星星的评价表上,亚马逊顾客仅在这款智能手机上就投下了2.6颗星星的惨淡评价。


但是在一个月内,该公司将Fire手机价格从200美元大幅下调到99美分,这不足以指出亚马逊简介惨淡的销售现状。Amazon ' s stumble with the fire is a major set back for the online retailing giant .by sinking money and resources into a smart phone,The company had hoped to gain a significant piece of The huge smart phone market long dominated by sinking money and resources另外,亚马逊期待Fire帮助用户更容易找到和销售商品,将移动购物者引入该公司的购物平台。但是现在亚马逊似乎陷入了混乱,不知道这次结局能否东山再起。

“the odds of Amazon succeeding were always very small”,says mark ma haney,managing director and analyst for RBC capital markets“my guess is it's too late。”加拿大皇家银行资本市场公司(RBC Capital Markets)总裁兼分析师马克o mahani指出:“亚马逊的顺利机会非常光明。这种方法已经晚了。”the fire phone ' s shortcomings are plenty . on first blush,it ' s an adequate device with features comparable to others in the market Camera annfire手机的缺点乍一看,可能是功能丰富的手机,在屏幕、相机、内存等方面与市面上的类似产品相似。

不同的是,一些应用程序图像具有三维显示效果,名为Firefly的应用程序可以让实体店的购物者在网上帅气地找到1亿种商品并下单(当然,在亚马逊网站上销售是最糟糕的)。(威廉莎士比亚、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊、亚马逊)But in A crowded space dominated by apple and Android devices,simply但是在这个已经充满苹果和Android手机的市场上,销售“功能充足”的手机是不够的。为了引人注目,智能手机必须比Fire等第一部iphone晚7年,比第一部Android手机晚6年发行,并且有破格的硬件和软件。

“if they had shown up with this phone A long time ago,they could have gotten A lot more attention”,says frank Gillett,A Forrester“but it ' s a very noisy crowd in an established market . once you show up at the party now,nobody pays attention,但是现在这个市场很久以前就挤满了人,非常热闹。这时你又经常出现,肯定没有人会在乎你。

”an Amazon spokesperson declined to comment . but at the fire phone ' s unveiling,Jeff be zos trumpeted the device as a superior smart Phong,但Fire“can wemake a better phone for Amazon prime customers?”He said onstage。“是。

Yes,we can。”当时他在舞台上这样说。“为了尊重亚马逊的顾客,我们能制造更好的手机吗?最终,我们可以做到。单击罗伯特布鲁纳,Who served as apple ' s director of industrial design from 1989 to 1997 and la ter collaborated on the design of Amazon ' s first kindle罗伯特O Brenner从1989年到1997年担任苹果的工业设计总监,后来为亚马逊第一家电子阅读器Kindle的设计做出了贡献。

他对Fire手机的前景要乐观得多。”to be totally frank,the Amazon phone has zero cache,“he says。

”the design itself is very,overtly neutral。“他说:‘A phone is A personal Object and conscious design choice on The part of its owner,Brunnerargues . along side The iphone and Android devices ll与iphone和moto X这样可以定制边框外部颜色的Android手机相比,Fire手机没有什么特色。

(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)他最终从技术角度出发,说出了达到最高水平的轻蔑话。Brunner says表示:“I actually put the Fire down below BlackBerry right now as an object of desire。”It also didn ' t help that Amazon ' s phone whoneCertainly,The iphone has long since steered users towards apple services-and likewise Android users to Google offerings-but Amazon按此按钮,只需几步就可以品尝到2日送到的租车服务。


“I personally felt The ' buy ' button was a bit forced,”says Yves behar,The award-winning Swiss industrial designer whose pass“there were more elegant ways to go about introducing that。”伊夫奥比哈尔是三星,jawbone,他说:“我真的是‘销售’按钮有点强迫性。

需要再增加这个功能,只是有很多更高雅的好方法。”Amazon also misfired on how it sells the phone . Android devices and iphones are on the shelves at thousands of physical retailers and all four top u Cell在这种手机销售方式下,在美国数千家物理零售店和四大移动运营商可以看到Android手机和iphone。但是要卖Fire手机的话,真的只有很少的频道。

如果你想卖掉它,你不能去亚马逊官网、百思买等几家实体零售店,以及其独家移动通信公司美国电话电报公司(ATT)。(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),成功)Additionally,Amazon stumbled on pricing . selling the fire for $ 200,the indditionallyOf undercutting the competition。

此外,亚马逊的价格也非常结束。Fire的标价为200美元,这是行业标准售价,但与亚马逊长期坚决的低价战略背道而驰。As it stands,ma haney,the RBC analyst,doesn ' t expect the fire phone ' s u . s . smart phone market share to crack 10% Price drope例如,美国电信去年对HTC First(包括以Facebook为中心的软件系统)的降价促销活动没能挽回最后的微弱命运。

but Amazon may have a shot next year if it comes up with a newer model with a more competitive design and wider avail ability . its first kindle fire Tata leta但是,如果亚马逊明年能销售设计竞争力强、销售渠道更广的新东西,2011年发行的第一款Kindle Fire平板电脑就不太好了,但以前Ultra明显提高。尽管国际数据公司(IDC)做出了回应,但亚马逊在全球平板电脑市场的份额只有0.4%。

“this probably isn ' t the last fire phone we ' ll see”,says Gillett,from Forrester。“but if Amazon has learned anything The announcement of The next one will be more low-key。